Getting There

Cuadro de texto: Baja Sierra Adventures 
Come discover the beauty of life in the Sierra  la Laguna

Getting there by bus

For either a day trip or an overnight trip take an ¨Aguila¨ bus  from the terminal in La Paz or San Jose to the Santiago bus stop where we will pick you up.


Buses leave every two hours from the terminals. Make sure you take the one that goes  “Via Larga” (Highway 1) as those are the only ones that pass through Santiago


We will pick you up at the Santiago bus stop and bring you back there at the end of your trip on time to take your bus back.


See you there!

Cuadro de texto: Buses “Aguila” from La Paz

Leaves LP      Arrive Santiago 
  5:45  am          8:30 am
  8:30  am          11 am   
 11:30 am            2 pm  
  1:30 pm             4 pm    
  3:30 pm             6 pm
  6:15 pm             8:45 pm
tel 018008248452

We are located at the beautiful town of Santiago, about 85 miles south of La Paz and about 40 miles north of San Jose del Cabo, on the east side of the Sierra la Laguna.


Usually we meet visitors at Santiago main square, from there we take visitors to our day trips .


 For the overnights trips we take visitors to our base camp at San Dionisio canyon for spending the night under the starts.







Cuadro de texto: Buses “Aguila” from San Jose 

Leaves SJ      Arrive Santiago 
 6:00                   7:00 am
 8:00 am             9:00 am
10:00 am            11:00 am
       1 pm              2 pm
       4 pm              5 pm          
       6pm               6 pm
tel 018008248452

by bus or by car

By Car:


About 18 miles south of Los Barriles, you will see the road to Santiago on the right (IF YOU ARE DRIVING SOUTH).


There is a sign just before it that says Santiago and there is a power station on the side of the road. Take this right and follow the road into town. The mountain range you will see in the background is the Sierra de la Laguna biosphere reserve.

You will come into the small town of
Santiago straight into the square. See you there!!


We live at “Casa Datil”, 1 min block from the square at Santiago (see map), next  to El Palomar Hotel (where you can get info about us as well)

Santiago Square