Cuadro de texto: Baja Sierra Adventures 
Come discover the beauty of life in the Sierra  la Laguna


                          STUDENT PROGRAM:



“Our Mission is to inspire the next generation to take action for a positive environmental and social change”



With 8 years of experience Baja Sierra Adventures is a specialist in designing programs and activities for school groups.  Biosphere Reserve Sierra la Laguna provides the perfect location to work, enjoy and learn from its unique and pristine ecosystems, its  warm and rich culture and its amazing granite canyons.


From a 2 days  to a full 4 days– 3 nights program  the participant will learn from natural history to  traditional uses of medicinal plants while hiking, swimming, exploring and interacting with the families in the ranchos we visit.


In all our student programs we include “hands in to community work” as is our believe that leaving a positive trace in the places we visit allow us to have a meaningful relation with the world and therefore with ourselves. 


We focus in two community projects: Family gardens and earth building  where students will learn the basis of this two important skills for every human been


Other activities the students will participate:

             . Chess making class

             . Traditional cooking starting with the kill

             . Construction of a adobe oven

             . Pizza cooking in a wood oven

             . Mango jam preparation

             . Organic family garden construction

             . Traditional uses of regional plants





Cuadro de texto: Highlights of our programs

Develop self confidence in the participant
Keep a sense of propose and accomplishment
Promote the appreciation of beauty and respect to all forms of life
Promote the respect and valorization of different cultures and traditional knowledge
Promote team work and cooperation
Promote joy and love to life 

Program Duration: 2, 3 or 4 days 

Physical Activity:  Moderate
Program Cost: Depending in number of participants

Accommodations: Students will be staying at Huerta Los Mangos, where we have a rustic base camp under large mango and avocado trees. Camp facilities include an open air kitchen, self-composting toilets and solar panel electricity. 

Program Dates:
We run programs from  October to july. Dates can be arranged according to each group's schedule.

Best time to do the program:
From  October to july

Please contact our office for more information.