About Us

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Come discover the beauty of life in the Sierra  la Laguna

About our community:


We are base at Huerta Los Magos, in the small community of El Chorro, at the base of Agua Caliente Canyon.


 El Chorro is a town whose older generation is well-versed in the cycles and laws of nature and knows how to coax fruits and vegetables out of the land. Its children are resilient and full of laughter. It is a place blessed with strong family and neighborly ties and an open-handed generosity that reminds us of what is most valuable in human beings. The community faces economic struggles, but is also full of great joy and kindness.

About Baja Sierra Adventures:


Our Mission:
Our mission is to be a positive presence in our community and natural environment and to offer our guests the chance to enjoy and learn from this remarkable area.


We believe that, by partnering with members of the community to make eco-tourism a positive economic option, we can offer an alternative to urban migration by creating a low-impact, local source of income.

Our goal, therefore, is to work together with members of the El Chorro community to attract small groups of tourists to this beautiful part of Mexico, without leaving a permanent mark on it.

Who runs BSA:


Baja Sierra Adventures was started by Edgardo Cortes, originally from Mexico City.


Edgardo grew up in Mexico City where he studied engineering, theatre and human development. After working for a few years in an office one day he packed his bags and decided to pursuit his love for the outdoors.

He has worked as a lead guide for the last seven years with companies such as Baja Outdoor Activities, Sea & Adventures, Adventurous Women, Mountain Travel Sobek, Wilderness Travel and Back Roads.