About the Area

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Come discover the beauty of life in the Sierra  la Laguna

The Sierra  la Laguna Biosphere Reserve is a granite mountain range known as a unique natural paradise located 85 miles south of La Paz. It is home to a large diversity of endemic flora and fauna species, canyons, swimming holes, hot springs and a rich farm culture.

Years of isolation led to the evolution of many unique species in this granite mountain range, which has been described as an "ecological treasure-house". Its unique and fragile ecosystem inspired the creation of the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve in 1994 by the Mexican government, which has helped to protect the area.

In its lower elevations, where Huerta Los Mangos is located, the sierra’s tropical dry forest is home to cacti, palms, oaks, wild fig, ironwood and many other forms of vegetation. Mango trees can even be found in some of its canyons where mountain streams form pristine pools under towering granite boulders.

Many animal species also inhabit this rugged, sparsely populated terrain. The area is particularly attractive to bird species and it is common to see cardinals, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, ducks, doves and others.

The weather in the Sierra de la Laguna is often more mild than in other parts of the Baja peninsula where the heat can be quite intense. Temperatures generally average around 74F in January and 88F in August.